Sunday, July 5, 2015

May 25, 2015

Im a mommy!

So I think Im getting a little taste of what its like to be a new mom! It kind of hits you like a ton of bricks how much you dont know huh? I still feel so inadequate for this calling. I lfet tuesday night to go to Salta. I was so nervous! and it didnt help that I was traveling all alone. When I showed up, there was 7 other missionaries who were going to train and I have at least 3 months less than them in the mission! And that made me feel even more incapable. We slept in the hermanas house that night-well I didnt sleep at all! In the morning we went to the mission offices and had a conference with the President which was super good. During the conference he looked right at me and says "some of you are probably wondering what the heck I was thinking when I called you to train" haha but he assured us that he recieves revelation way in advance of who is going to train and who we are going to train. I was relieved when all the new missionaries walked in and they were all Latins because I was soo nervous I would get put with a north american who doesnt speak english) So I was leading the opening hymn and I looked up and made eye contact with one of the hermanas and I knew she was going to be my companion. I had a super strong spiritual impression. So it wasnt a surprise when the president said I would be training Hermana Melo. So she comes and sits down by me and I ask her where shes from...she from BRASIL and speaks PORTUGUESE! haha here I was all worried to have a companion that speaks english and now I have a companion who doesnt speak either spanish or english! haha but im learning portuguese so thats super exciting for me!
Hermana Melo is amazing! I dont doubt for one second that it was revelation to be together. I really feel that I am with her to learn from her more than she is with me to learn from me. Ive learned so much in just the few short days we have been together. Shes a convert of exactly 1 year so she still doesnt know much of the doctrine but wow she has a lot of love and a strong testimony. I am really grateful for this time to be her trainer. But its been a rough stressful few days because I really do have to do everything! I sometimes forget that she doesnt know how everything goes and is still trying to adjust. Im just like go go go and I forget that I have to give her time to get adjusted. So its a good time to learn patience and love. She still cant speak much spanish but luckily spanish and portuguese are similar but she sometimes looks at me when people ask her a question and I have to try and explain it haha.
I really feel like these 3 months are going to be a huge growing opportunity for me. I have been studying alot of how christ gave us the perfect example of leadership and I am going to try and develop those atributes of christ in these 3 months I have with her. Something I promised myself I would not do is speak negatively about our area or members or other missionaries. I want her to think we are in the best area in the mission! And I know if she thinks that way, she will work as if its the best area. I know we will have miracles this transfer. I have already seen a big change in the branch and we are really motivated to talk to everyone and find new investigators. Im just really excited to get to work! But I will need some extra prayers sent my way! I will be sure to have some miracles to tell for the next week! 
love you! 
hermana stewart


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