Sunday, July 5, 2015

May 18, 2015

What a week it has been! Hermana Hooke and I finished off the transfer strong! im super sad that its over! She left this morning for her new area. I am still here in San Pedro. I will be working with a member until wednesday because wednesday Im headed to Salta to pick up my HIJA! thats right, I am going to be training! Im freaking out! I literally didnt sleep last night. Im so nervous. I feel like Im still in my training! buts its interesting because about a week ago I was really feeling like I wasnt progressing anymore and that I had hit the point in the mission where everyday was starting to feel the same. I felt like I had hit a plateu. So I was praying really hard one day to know what I could do to progress again and it came to my mind that I should find my 12 week training booklet and start over again studying it. So I was studying that in my personal study for a week and in a way it helped me prepare for this big responsibility! When I prayed I never expected to recieve this answer! But it will help me get back in focus. I have alot of really good ideas that I think will help us with our area because it is really struggling. So please pray for me because I just want my Hija to enjoy her first few months and now suffer like I did haha.
So we got to watch the Cordaba temple dedication and it was amazing! I was crying through the whole thing! maybe it makes me more emotional that my little brother is there but it was a once in a lifetime experience! also my mission president sent me a picture of him and his wife with dallin! I was jealous! I wish I could see him! But my president said he is doing good so that makes me happy. Anyways I have to tell you about the crazy adventures we had just to get to the temple dedication. So we couldnt watch it here in San pedro because the screen was broken so we had to travel to Jujuy. Well we have some young recient converts that wanted to go but had no way of getting there and we dont have money to pay for them to go in bus. So we were praying really hard saturday to be able to find a way to get them there. After the prayer I felt impressed to call the Branch presdient. When I called him he said it was a miracle because him and his wife were currently looking to fill up their truck with members to go all together. And by truck I mean sketchy! it was a really old pick up truck with a hard cover. and when they came to pick us up at 6:30 am sunday and opened the back I about died haha. they have benches in the back and we stuffed about 12 of us back there and had an hour ride. it was a blast. super super sketchy but we loved it. And it made me so happy that the youth were able to go and fill the spirit so strongly. I loved the words of the apostles. President uchtdorf left us with a profound promise that everytime a temple is dedicated, satan has less and less power and he promised us that the spirituality of Argentina will now increase and that we will be able to feel of the power of the temple! how cool is that! we are going to see miracles now! it really made me excited to start finding families and helping the less actives set the goal to go to the temple! 
I love this work. its dang hard but I wouldnt want it any other way! Elder Holland said "I had a missionary ask me once if I would give my life for the church. I said, Elder I am giving my life for the church. I know what he meant. What he meant was would you die for the church? well thats the easy part. thats a snap! on some days it looks really appealing. Thats the easy part, to die for it. Well what God needs is people who live for it."
I hope that we can all continue to LIVE for the church. As we become swallowed up in the will of the father, we will all become missionaries. We will witness miracles. That is my testimony. and I know it is true!

thank you for all the love and support! have a great week!

hermana stewart


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