Sunday, July 5, 2015

March 16, 2015

Your 4 minutes

So this week FLEW by! I know I probably say that its flying by every week but really this week was a blink of an eye! Things here are just great! Im loving my time with my companion hermana jara. She is alot like me and we get along really really well. I feel blessed! I think thats why time is going by so fast! She also likes to bake and cook! So im learning to cook alot of food from chile and all sorts of things from her! we made apple crisp this week and let me just tell you it was heaven! Im so glad she likes to cook because when we are stressed it helps us feel better! We are in our 4th week together so we really only have 2 more! I think I will get transfered this next transfer which makes me super sad! Right when we have lots of people to baptize I have to leave haha but who knows maybe ill get lucky and get to stay in Guemes one more transfer.
So the only thing I really remember from this week is we had an activity that turned out to be so fun! I had the idea a while ago to do an activity like minute to win it. Well when we got talking about it, we decided it needed to have a propose so we decided to use the talk from last years conference, "your 4 minutes." it was ALOT of work, but really worth it. We were going to have it outside but its been SUPER hot this month and decided to have it inside, which turned out to be good because it ended up storming right at 7 when the activity was supposed to start. haha the weather is NOT our friend here. Anyways we started the activity showing the video from conference. It talks about how we have to use this time to prepare for the eternity and its really not that long. After we broke into 4 groups and we played 4 different games. One of them was they had to dress a missionary. It was super funny. They had to look through our luggage and find the things that missionaries use and dress one of the people in their group. They really liked that one. But the best one was at the very end. It was like a rely race. The first station was you had to find a piece of candy in a plate of flour without using your hands then you had to go to the next station and bob for an apple. Then you had to eat the whole apple and blow up a balloon and sit on it. Well I got roped into doing it! and unfortunately was last! so I got all the germs of the others in my group....haha I now understand why mom never let us bob for apples because now Im super sick. But it was a really fun activity and we had alot of investigators and inactives that showed up so that was really good.
Oh also this week I saw a girl fight! that was pretty interesting! we were in the terminal waiting for my companion because we were in divisions with the sister training leaders and all the sudden these two girls started fighting on the group. Hair pulling and all! the worst part was no one was trying to stop it. There was a ton of guys and they just sat there and watched it! I couldnt believe it. so that was pretty interesting. Also we got more waterballoons thrown at us this week. that was fun haha. people can be so nice sometimes. 
Well those are some of my adventures from this week. We are still working with some of our investigators to get baptized, but 2 of them their parents wont give them permision so we are working on one of our investigators named Fabiana. She has gone to church 2 times and really likes it. She already looks like a member of the church! she just needs one more time in church and then she can get baptized! 
Well I love you all! thanks for everything you do, for the prayers, letters and kind encouraging emails! 
hermana stewart 

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