Sunday, July 5, 2015

April 13, 2015
I have elephantitis!
so Im just gonna be honest.... my new area is ROUGH! I am missing Guemes soo much that its hard to focus on the people here. And its been super hot this week and our area is HUGE! I have only served in little towns, and now Im in a city and we are also opening the area of the elders that were here last transfer so we really have 2 areas. Im stressing out trying to learn this area because its so big! But my companion hermana hooke is great and we are working really well together! 
So also I am currently suffering from elephantitis....haha ok I dont know if thats what it is. But the other day something big my hand and it  swole up like a baseball and was hard as a rock and then red lines started to climb up my arm following my veins and I got all worried so I went to the hospital and they gave me injection in a place that I dont want to mention...and it killed! here in argentina they give injections for everything! you have a runny nose? injection! your stomach hurts? injection! haha so finally i was the unfortunate one to get an injection and I wanted to die. but my hand is now normal. Now, I have elephantitis in my legs because something else has been biting me and my legs are HUGE and I cant walk! I think i have an allergy to a bug or mosquito here (like ben) haha so thats just a few of the fun things im experiencing here in San Pedro. also I get woken up at about 4 in the morning every morning to the smell of bread and it KILLS me! its a huge temptation! I hate living above a bakery! 
But there are some good things happening here. We are working with 3 familys. My companion and I decided we are not going to baptize any kids or teenagers without their parents. so we are working really hard to teach entire families because after all the message we have is for the family right?! so our goal is to work with families so that they can go to the temple and be sealed! 
really I dont have a ton to say about this week! im still trying to get used to this new huge area! oh yesterday we were stuck behind a huge parade celebrating the virgen maria! we ended up walking in it because it was the only way to get to our appointment haha that was interesting. My heart breaks when I see people so lost in traditions that they forget their father in heaven. But thats why we are here right? to save everyone from such apostasy! haha
well I love you all! 
hermana stewart 

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