Sunday, July 5, 2015

February 9, 2015

Well this week was a big bummer. It probably was one of the hardest weeks of my mission. Fatima didnt get baptized this week...and she dropped us real hard. She told us that she doesnt want us to come by and teach her and shes super cold to us now. We dont really know what happened but it just broke my heart. It kind of put a HUGE damper on the missionary work this week for me. I just have been super let down. One of the hardest things about missionary work is seeing people use their agency for the worst. And its even harder when I have this burning testimony and I know that this gospel changes lives but people dont accept it. I am excited to start a new week this week and try to push past this huge let down.
We did have a miracle with America (the one that is super close to my heart) The other day when we stopped by we asked her if she had read the chapter in the book of mormon that we had left and she said she had and not only that but she has started reading the book of mormon from the cover! she even read the publishing and everything! She said that she now has a routine to read the book of mormon in the morning and she has felt a huge difference. And the biggest miracle yet, she said that she is "praying in her heart" which is huge because she has a huge fear of praying and its something that we are fighting to help her do! but shes trying so hard and I know that she knows its true. She accepted a baptismal date finally and she came to church with us yesterday! we had to leave our apartment super early to walk a half hour to pick her up and walk a half hour to the church but it was so worth it. She didnt talk much during church but I could tell she was listening to every little word. Im excited to visit her to this and find out how she really felt about the church. I am really praying hard that my president doesnt transfer me in 2 weeks because I HAVE to be here for her baptism! there is rumors that they are going to close one of the 2 areas here and only have 2 hermanas so we will see what happens! I love guemes though so I really hope I can stay here longer! 
We are working really hard to try and work more with inactives and part member families to find investigators! weve found some really good inactive families and they are starting to come back to church so theres lots of progress there! 
We are also planning a huge activity this saturday for the members. Its a mini MTC theme and we are going to help the members learn how to share the gospel and we are going to do practices with them and so hopefully we will find success from this as well. The bishop here is a huge help. He really has a huge vision for this area and so I really think good things are going to happen here! I just wanna be a part of it! Tonight we are going with the bishop to the middle of nowhere to teach a new family! The mom of one of the members has been attending church and yesterday I asked her how she feels about the church and she said that she loves it because it changes her family. She even brought her son yesterday. So anyways I think we might be hitting a gold mind with this family tonight! They live super far away but luckily the bishop offered to take us out there so we will see how many people we can find out there! We still have hope to have a baptism this transfer! 
This week as I was feeling a little down, I found a letter from my dear friend savana (shout out to you my friend!) She told me about Joseph Fielding smith and how when he served his mission in England, he didnt have a single convert in 2 whole years! Now this is a future prophet we are talking about! well he talks about how he found comfort in knowing that he was planting seeds and that one day they would accept the gospel. It hit me real hard as well. I find comfort in knowing that I am doing whats right. I am where Im supposed to be, sharing a message that is true. I am giving it my ALL! I just love it! I just love the experiences I am having! And I know with all my heart that nothing will ever stop the work of the lord from spreading to all the world. Joseph fielding smith said "Our missionaries go forth. no power has been able to stay their hands. It has been tried. Great efforts were made in the very beginning when there was only a handful of missionaries, but the progress of the work could not be stopped. It cannot be stopped now. And these missionaries untrained in the ways of the world, go forth with this message of salvation and confound the great and the mighty because they have the truth." 
I just love that i am apart of this work!
Also I love the adventures we have as missionaries! this morning we got up super early and we rode a TRAIN to salta! it was the coolest thing Ive ever done! it was so pretty especially because the sun was rising! Argentina is super green right now and the mountains are breathtaking! It was so fun! and we just hung out in salta for the day! ive gotten used to the city and Im not scared to make my way around anymore. I was thinking today that i am definately coming back here after my mission because I just love it! 
well heres to another week!!! love you all and cant wait to hear from you next week! 
hermana stewart


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