Sunday, July 5, 2015

April 6, 2015

So big news of the week...I got transfered! And im super depressed and I cried the whole way to my new area. I am going to miss Guemes sooo much! I think it was harder for me to leave my last area than it was to leave home! I can only imagine how my last transfer will be! Guemes will always hold a special place in my heart.. I really felt like it was where I began to grow as a missionary. I love the people I left behind...and it makes me really sad to think that I probably wont ever see any of them again. Im learning to take advantage of every second of the mission because it just goes by way too fast! But I feel like I did my very best in Guemes and I think I left the area better than I found it :) and now I have to save up a ton of money because I promised alot of people that I would come back and visit one day.
 I am now in Jujuy (pronounced who-whoee) in Bellgrano with Hermana Hooke. she is from california...we actually came to Argentina together so its weird not having a senior companion. Shes super sweet and Im really excited to get working with her! Im a little nervous though because we live above a bakery! Oh my! Good thing we live on the 3rd floor because I think Im going to gain weight. haha Our apartment is so much nicer than my old least there arent cockroaches! ;) Im in a branch again...but there is at least a church! Theres always alot of work in branches so pray for me! 
So I just wanna talk about our little miracle that we had this past week. So I dont know if I ever mentioned anything about Nelson, but he is a remisero (kind of like a taxi driver) and he came to be one of my good friends. A couple of months ago he drove us to one of our appointments and we obviously talked about the gospel and we gave him an invitation to the church (even though everyone knows that remiseros never have time to go to church) So we would always pass by his work and smile and wave and sometimes we would stop to talk to him. One time we taught him a little about the restoration, but we never really tried to set up an appointment with him because he was always working. Well one day we invited him to come to a casual invitation. and guess what? he showed up! we were in shock! And he loved it! So anyways, he was always passing us in his car and would always offer to drive us so we would have little gospel conversations and he always had a ton of questions. Well one day he called us and just cried and said that he wants to change. He told us how he loves money...he loves to work so he can have all the nicest of things. He has a car, his own house, all the nice clothes, but he just isnt happy. We invited him to conference and he came with his little 2 year old son. He walked in and just started bawling. He said he felt such a relief when he walked in the church. we ended up teaching him afterwards about the plan of salvation and he just loved it!  Well yesterday we invited him to come again to the sunday morning session and he came and afterwards he asked if we could talk again after. He wanted us to say a prayer together because he wants to change and he needs help to do it. So we had one of the most powerful lessons on the atonement of jesus christ I think Ive ever been apart of! we were all crying in the end! He is going to be baptized this saturday...another reason why I am heartbroken to leave Guemes because I wont be there! afterward he gave us both letters that he had written for us. In my letter he said that we are angels to him and that he prays that one day his son can be a missionary like me and that he gets called to utah so that he can find me and thank me for changing the life of his dad. I couldnt help me hold back the tears as I read his letter. It makes all the hard times soo worth it to me! 
Well I have no time to write anything else! but just know that I am doing really well out here and just Loving it! im excited for this new start here in Jujuy! 
Lots and lots of love! 
hermana stewart 
p.s. this is nelson in the picture

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