Sunday, July 5, 2015

May 11, 2015

So it was just so good to see and talk to you guys yesterday! ah! the best 40 minutes of my life! let me tell you was a huge temptation to keep talking...but Im trying to stay focused and be strictly obedient. Its dang hard when I have such an amazing family half way across the world! but really thank you for everything!
this week was one of the hardest and one of the best. We started off having to drop almost all of our investigators and we were super discouraged for about 2 days. I was struggling for sure. But friday we had a conference and a member of the 70 came and it was amazing! He talked about how we arent here to baptize the world, we are here to gather the house of israel. There are people who straight up dont want to follow the example of jesus christ. he told us we need to look for those who want it. So my companion and I have put that into practice and we have been more in tune to the spirit as we are walking down the streets to find those who are prepared and we have found some! And we are focused on finding future when we are contacting decided we are only going to contact young men or men or complete families. and we have seen miracles from that! 
Our topic of the conference with the 70 was how the atonement has helped us in the missionary field and as I pondered and studied that topic, it really hit me just how much the atonement has helped me. Its why im here. And I rely on it everyday to become a better missionary. I am truly grateful for the eternal sacrifice of our savior jesus christ. I teared up listening to the amazing testimonies of all the missionaries and realized just how amazing the atonement really is. I hope that each of you can ponder more about the atonement this week.
Oh real quick I have to tell you about my getting kissed by a drunk guy story. So my companion and I were contacting in a park before we had to go home and there was a old person on crutches chasing after us and when I first looked at him I thought he was a woman. it wasnt until I went to greet him with a kiss and felt his whiskers that I relized it was a man! the best part was my companion did the same thing and we both were freaking out inside trying not to laugh. he was totally drunk. the mission is great! hahaha
well have a great week!!!
hermana stewart 

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