Sunday, July 5, 2015

December 15.2014
I kind of hate mondays because we have NO time to write and I get here and forget everything that happened during the week. It stresses me out. I guess thats why we get to live together forever as a family so I can tell you all my stories after the mission right? 
So this week we had 2 miracles. We honestly had days and days of not teaching, no one was home and we just werent having success. But one day we were looking for a house and we knocked on the door and a lady came out and we asked if this man we were looking for was home and she said that he doesnt live there, but she invited us inside and turned out to be AWESOME investigator! I know that heavenly father had his hand in that one. She has an amazing heart and we are going to help her to some type of service here for christmas. Also yesterday we had a similar situation. We were trying to find a house of a contact that we had in the street, and we knocked on this door and a 16 year old girl came out and when we asked if Alejandro was home she said that an Alejandro didnt live there. So we introduced ourselves and asked if we could still share our message with her...she seemed to hesitate for a second but finally said yes. Well we started teaching her, she told us she liked to sing so we sang a hymn and I know she felt the spirit. As we got talking, she started to ask about repentance because she feels alot of guilt. then she started to ask us about baptism, and so we taught her about baptism and invited her to be baptized and she said yes! Its interesting how heavenly father helps us find those that are looking for the truth. Now the trick is getting them to church. Thats the part that we really struggle with here! they all want to be baptized but dont want to come to church. Yesterday we had a miracle in the church as well. Saturday night our district leader asked us how many investigators we had planned for church and we told him 3. Well none of them showed up and we even went to pick one of them up and she wasnt home. Well i was pretty bummed, but come to find out 3 members brought their friends to church! and they are in OUR area! so we had 3 investigators in church! haha And now we have new investigators to work on with friends in the church so it should be easier to help them out! 
Really nothing much else happened this week. We walked alot and talked with a ton of people but are having a hard time getting in the houses. I love my new area, but it is harder because its more of a city and so its hard to find people at home. They are always "busy" but I always tell my companion that Im not going to get discouraged because we have the truth and so nothing else matters! I know that if we are doing our part and working hard we will have miracles even if its just something small. 
This christmas season is really different than any other christmas. I am so grateful for this time in my life to ponder and think about the TRUE meaning of christmas. ITs really sad here because everyone thinks its just a day to drink and party. But as i have been studying more about the birth of our savior, I have come to the point of tears as I think of how grateful I am for that day of his birth. Not only am I grateful for his birth, but Im grateful for his life, and his sacrifice for me. For his perfect example. Most importantly, I know he lives today! I am trying so hard to help these people realize what christmas really is. Its going to be really hard to be away from family and friend this christmas, but I coulnt ask for a better christmas than to teach the people here more about their Savior Jesus Christ. 
I hope that all of you who read this find time to think about him! 
i love you all and wish you a merry christmas!!
hermana stewart

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