Sunday, July 5, 2015

February 23, 2015

That one time I made everyone sin

So I had one of the best weeks of my life! I just love the mission! I dont have a ton of time to give lots of details because today was transfers and I got a new companion! Shes from chile her name is Hermana Jara. I am so happy to say that Im still here in Guemes! So yeah we are running short on time. but I will tell you a few of the miracles this week.
First of all. I had one of the coolest experiences with the holy ghost this week. About 2 saturdays ago, my companion and I both felt like we should just pass by one of our investigators house just to see how she was. We had just barely visited her the night before so it was weird to feel like we should visit her so soon afterwards. We didnt have plans to visit her and we werent even close to her house, but we both felt strongly that we should pass by. Well she let us in and we just sat and visited with her while she was cooking. I shared a scripture with her and it was just like a normal visit. Well this week she told us that that saturday, she was reading in the book of mormon and she decided to go out back and pray. She said she asked heavenly father if these things are true. and right after that we showed up! I cant even tell you the sensation I felt when she told us that! I started to cry and told her that we hadnt planned on passing by but that the spirit told us we needed to. I am without doubt that the spirit guides us...we just have to be receptive to act upon it. 
So I had the BEST birthday EVER! Seriously ever! The bishop invited us over to have a BBQ and it was so good! and our district leader and his companion bought me an ice cream cake friday night to celebrate after he interviewed our investigator. And the best part is we had our baptism!!! we reached our goal! and it was the best present i could have asked for to see one of gods children enter the waters of baptism! she is amazing. she showed up 2 hours early! all by herself. and the greatest part....she used all the money she had to come to her baptism. that is true sacrifice. no one can have an excuse now! she was so excited and it was a beautiful baptism. the other hermanas had a baptism too so it turned out really well. 
now for the funny part....So i bought a cake to share after the baptism. it was a beautiful cake and everyone was so excited to eat it. So I opened it and it smelled a little funny but my companion said it was ok. So everyone is eating it right....all the little kids were just loving it. I tasted it and it tasted a little funny. Right after that the bishop came up to me and said that the cake had alcohol in it! and then all the members were dying laughing and they asked me where I bought the cake and they said that all the cakes there are made with alcohol. So yeah I made everyone sin! My convert thought it was so funny she said you teach me not to drink and then you give me a cake made with alcohol. haha no one will let it go! the worst part was they all knew and still ate it! so yeah im probably gonna get sent home or something haha
well thats about all i have time to write today but just know im doing great and just loving everything about the mission!! 
i love you all! 
hermana stewart 

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