Sunday, July 5, 2015

April 20, 2015

So good news, my elephantitis went away haha. It was a good week, but SO dang fast! Its killing me how fast mondays come by! Oh so best news of my entire mission! nelson got baptized!!! Im so sad I wasnt there for his baptism, but my companion sent me a picture and I cried just looking at it! there is Nothing better than seeing someone you care for so much in white :)
as for my area here in Jujuy, Im starting to get more and more used to things. We had some trials and some blessings this week. We have been working with a woman named veronica and she accepted to be baptized this next saturday...but she wanted to be more sure about her decision. So we decided to fast with her. We promised her if she fasted for 24 hours she would recieve her answer. We started our fast with her, and then yesterday she didnt show up to church. We tried to call her, and she didnt answer. she sent us a text during sacrament meeting saying that she wasnt able to complete her fast, and she wouldnt be coming to church. She said there was problems and she needed time to be alone and make decisions. We dont know what happened. But im guessing its satan working like he always does on my investigators right before their baptisms. Something that is so frustrating to me in the mission is I KNOW how people can find answers to their doubts and questions, how they can find happiness, and yet they dont complete their part! I can testify and promise with all my heart, but if they dont do their part, they wont ever get answers. We struggle alot here with people not completing their commitments. But I think we found our answer through this fast because we were really wondering if veronica was ready for baptism and I guess she wasnt because she doesnt want to know for herself! 
We have alot of challenges here in our area, of the 80 recient converts in the last year, 70 of them are completely inactive. So we have decided we will not baptize unless they are completely ready. We are mainly just trying to keep this area afloat! there are over 600 members in our branch and only 40 come to church. what a challenge! Im learning the importance of a personal testimony, because if you dont have a personal testimony, satan easily has ahold of you and its so easy to fall away. The members mainly dont come because they like to sleep or have to clean the house...seriously those are their excuses. Its really frustrating...especially when I have this burning testimony and I KNOW its true and I know that there are blessings if we are obedient, but they just dont get it. 
But we got a new branch president yesterday and I really think it will be super good for this branch! the old branch president was president for 9 years because there are any married men in our branch. But this new president will be a really good change for the branch! 
So we have this hilarious investigator named Cristina. So my first day here she came up to us in the street and said "when are you going to come to my house?" my companion was like "um...we dont know where you live" haha so anyways we tried to find her house the next day and couldnt. so we didnt really think anything of it. but then a member gave us a reference and it was her! so heavenly father really wanted us to visit her! she is hilarious! she LOVES us! she wears way too much makeup...she paints her eyebrows with mascara haha and wears bright red lipstick and then when she sees us she gives us like a million kisses and tells us how much she loves us haha she invited us to come and eat and she went to church yesterday! she is hilarious! she really needs to use the atonement in her life so she is really ready to change! 
well Im out of time! I love you and hope all is well back at home! 

hermana stewart 

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