Sunday, July 5, 2015

April 27,2015

This week was a blast! despite the many challenges Ive learned to take advantage of every moment because time flies by way too fast! Hermana hooke and I have way too much fun together. She is a really good companion. Although the work is super tough in this new area, I feel blessed to have a good companion who really is teaching me alot.
Its been super cold here at night and we dont have heaters so we literally wear all we have to bed. Its hilarious. Ill have to take a picture of us in our winter coats and wool socks. This sister missionary just got hotter ;) bahaha the cold doesnt seem to have killed the mosquitos though because Im still suffering from swollen leg syndrom haha.
something that im loving about this area is there are a few members who know english pretty well and they like to work with us and they love to practice their english. its hilarious! i forgot how to speak english you guys! Im serious its the most awkward thing ever! I feel like I talk like them when I speak english. its funny though because one member is always with us and when we are walking in the street he will say "shes member" or "hes member" and he tells us all the gossip in english. its great. we just laugh all the time. also this week I saw a shirt that killed me! it was really cute and pink and had glitter and all that jazz and when we got closer it said "ACNE" hahaha they all wear shirts with english words but dont make any sense. My favorite so far is "dont worry, be-yonce" I just love it haha so yeah I´ve hit the point where english is hard so can I just speak spanish when I call home for mothers day?! 
so we had a miracle- our fast was answered! Monday night veronica text us and said she wanted us to come by tuesday night. Shes the one who said she needed time and wanted to be alone. We were so nervous when we got to her house so we said a prayer before we knocked on the door and everything turned out to be ok! She is going through some tough times in her family but she is being prepared to accept the gospel..finally! we left her with an assignment to look up scriptures about love so thursday we passed by again and asked her how it went and she was so excited to share her experience! she felt the spirit for the first time! she had found a scripture that really touched her. She had been reading the book of mormon before but I think this assignement to find her own scriptures really helped her and we invited her to be baptized again and she even chose her own date! she said she wants to be baptized before transfers so we can both be there! so we will keep working with her!
this week I have really truly learning that there is a difference between recieving a testimony of Jesus Christ and becoming converted unto him and his gospel. Ive learned that a testimony is a gift from god and is available to all his children. I came out here with a testimony. But conversion is a permanant change in our very nautre only made possible through the atonement. It is the result of repentance, obedience and diligence. We learn in the scriptures that having a testimony or knowledge is not enough. We have to offer our whole soul unto him. Knowing that jesus is the christ is important and necessary but earnestly coming unto him requires more than just knowing. Conversion requires all of our heart, all our might, all our mind and strength. its an ongoing process and its not easy! Ive learned that testimony is not enough to protect us-its important but not sufficient to provide the strength we need. I was studying about the sons of mosiah this week and how they were truly conveted unto the lord and never fell away. They not only gave up their weapons of war, but burried them deep in the ground. The things that kept them from becoming more like christ. We have to "bury our weapons" The mission has helped me open my eyes to my many weapons of war and I am in a long hard process of conversion. If im not converted, I cant convert others.
I read a quote this week that I love "knowing that the gospel is true is the essence of a testimony. Consistantly being true to the gospel is the essence of conversion. We should know the gospel is true and be true to the gospel."
Ive realized that helping someone gain a testimony isnt enough Im here to help  people have a conversion one where they will never fall away! I know its not easy because Im personally going through the conversion process. But its brought me alot of happiness as I have learned to give up my will for the will of my heavenly father. I hope and pray that we can all become converted unto the lord.
I love you!  

hermana stewart 

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