Sunday, July 5, 2015

January 26, 2015

Yes I know Heavenly Father loves me...

Well this has just been a great week full of little tender mercies all over the place! It started off with interviews with our president tuesday morning and it was so good to get some advice from him and feel of his love for his missionaries. He really inspired me to use my talents. The first thing he said to me when I walked in was how impressed he has been with my attitude towards the mission and how I always seem to be happy...and I started to think about that and I realized its true! I really am so happy in the mission. And I hardly have time to think about myself and so Im never sad! (except the fact that I cant be home to hold my new baby niece, but Ill just have to stop being selfish and get over it). Anyways I am really trying to use the advice he gave me and I witnessed some miracles because of it this week. I want to be like the sons of Mosiah who said they couldnt stand the thought of one soul perishing. I am trying to have that outlook in my mission. I am learning to develop charity because charity is what brings the true desire to save Heavenly Fathers children.
After interviews the APs told us they were going to drive us back to Guemes and check our apartment with Hermana Chaparro. Well let me just tell you how embarrassing that was because 1) we had no time to clean and prepare 2) there was elders in our apartment ·) one of the APs is really cute (yes Im still allowed to think boys are cute) and he had to see our messy apartment. So that was pretty exciting. Whoops!
Tuesday night we had splits with the sister training leaders and one of our new sister training leaders is one of my friends from my zone in my other area! She came here and it was a blast! It was fun to actually know the sister training leader. I learned so much from her and she helped some of our investigators so much! We got permission to baptize Fatima!!!!!!!! Shes the 13 year old whos mom is inactive but she really wants to be baptized! Well gracias to the spirit and hermana Anderson, we got permission. We are planning her baptism for the 7th of Feb. We really had miracles with her and her mom this week. One day we went to buy a pizza from her mom and she asked us if we could find someone to give her baby a blessing because she was sick. Well since we live next door to the bishop, we asked him to come with us to give her a blessing. And let me just tell you the bishop is an amazing person. He invited everyone who was there to come in and he explained the priesthood and how he was going to give her a blessing like Jesus did in ancient times. and afterwards she asked if we wanted to stay and so we used it as an excuse to teach her a lesson with the bishop and it was the best lesson ever! She has a ton of doubts about joseph smith, but we taught and testified and at the end I asked the bishop to share his thoughts and he said some pretty powerful words. He said a line that my companion and I will never forget because the spirit was so strong when he said it he said "I testify as a bishop...." I dont know why but it just hit us so hard! BOOM SPIRIT! Anyways I want the bishop to be with us in every lesson haha.
Also this week we went to visit a recient convert who is 10 years old but she is just amazing! She wasnt home, so we asked her mom if we could teach her. Well I know this is her time to hear the gospel. During this lesson, the spirit was just shining through her eyes and she really opened up to us.  It really was a miracle because every single lesson we have with her daughter she prayers for her family to accept the gospel. I know that Heavenly Father answers our prayers, especially the prayers of his little children. She told us that she is scared to pray because she is scared to recieve her answer, and I felt impressed to say that shes scared because she already has recieved her answer, and she said....I think youre right. Anyways if she continues to progress we are going to baptize this family because the sister of this member was also about to be baptized and the day of her baptism she left crying and didnt feel ready. Well I think we are going to see a miracle with this family and Im just so happy for Brenda because she has been praying for this day!
Well I just have so many good stories and no time to tell them so I guess Ill have to save them for later!
I know this church is true and I know that there is power in prayer! I am so happy to be apart of this great work!
Love you all!
hermana stewart

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