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November 3, 2014

Another week gone by?! Time is flying! I cant believe that I completed 3 months this past week. I only have 4 more weeks left of my training and I cant say that I´m sad at all haha I am excited to get a new companion and be done with my first 3 months in the field because everyone says the first 3 months are the hardest. so Ive almost conquered the hardest part of my mission...well I dont know if I believe that but I am excited to continue to learn more. I have seriously learned so much out here! 
This week we had divisions again but this time I stayed in my area with the sister training leader and we were together for 2 days. I liked it alot and she helped me with some of the problems that we have here in our area. One thing that I loved about working with her was we taught a ton of lessons. Something that my companion and I need to work on is cutting our time that we spend in investigators and members houses. I´m trying to help my companion with this right now because she likes to talk and is perfectly fine with wasting time in members I´m trying to be a leader and an example and after learning from the sister training leader I have alot more confidence that we can do better. 
we had a miracle with one of our investigators during divisions. Our investigator that is really shy and speaks another language usually doesnt talk much and is really hard to understand. And I was really nervous that it would be worse with a different missionary but she opened up to us a ton and we taught her about baptism and she understood! Also when I asked who she wanted to say the prayer she said she wanted to! Which NEVER happens!  Our 7 lessons about prayer have finally paid off! she wants to get baptized. But then she asked us why she cant get baptized is she isn´t married. So we taught the law of chastity and we told her that she needs to get married to her "pareja" or she needs to get separated. She told us she is going to wait for the right moment to leave him. Its going to be a challenge because she realies on him for money and shes the one that literally has nothing. But I am going to pray really hard that she can find the strength to do it. When we were getting ready to leave she told me that she always waits for us to come and she misses us when we arent there. She said that before she met us she didn´t feel anything but now she does and she knows that what we teach is true. Even though she learns really slow and doesnt understand everything we teach, she has a testimony and it makes me so happy! 
Right now we have a major challenge because we have 7 people that are ready for baptism but every single one of them is missing something. We have 4 kids that really want to get baptized but their parents wont give them permission. They are AWESOME! they understand everything we teach and they come to church every sunday by themselves. We always teach them in the home of a less active family. They all live in the really poor part of our area and when we come they all come running the house! Theres always a ton of kids there while we teach and this time during the lesson I realized there was a new little girl.She was listening and being so good and after when we were walking away she ran to us and said that she wanted to learn more and wanted us to teach her family! So we contacted her mom and she let us teach her too! And this week the little girl came to church all by herself without us inviting her! It was awesome! But anyways we have alot of kids that want to get baptized just need to work with their parents which sometimes is really hard.
Also we have hermano maximo that said he didn´t know if the book of mormon was true or not. Well now he says he knows it is true but he says he wont get baptized until the end of the year. We dont know why. We tried to set a date with him and have him pray to know if he should be baptized the next week and he is a little stubborn about it. And then we have hermana Sixto that is waiting for his divorce papers. Right now its just a big waiting game. I am going to pray really hard that miracles can happen this week because we need baptisms here!
So I want to tell you about my halloween experience! My companion and I were a little sad that no one really celebrates halloween here and its kind of boring here in our little town. So we decided that when we got home from teaching that night we were going to make brownies and do something fun for halloween. Well we were teaching in an area really far away from our apartment and it started to sprinkle. This area that we were in is really poor and so we always teach outside. We were teaching the ramirez family (the ones that are inactive with all the kids) And there is this little boy that is so funny. I had my waterbottle and I poured a little on his head and said it was raining. Well halfway through the lesson I hear this little voice say " its raining" and he had a bucket of water and poured it on me! haha Well 5 minutes later it started to POUR! I have NEVER seen rain like that before! we were not prepared at all! So here we are teaching the plan of salvation in the pouring rain under a tin roof with tons of little kids. so funny!  When it came time to leave we were so scared haha. But it was hilarious. We literally just laughed the whole way home. It took us about 30 minutes to walk home because we couldn´t see and it was literally a RIVER in the streets! I wish I could have taken a picture. I was pretty sure it was a hurricane. We ended up going home early because we were soaked to the bone. So we were all excited to go home to shower and make brownies. we get home and the power was out! (its ALWAYS out here. almost every night the power goes out) So we made brownies by candlelight. I think heavenly father has a sense of humor because we wanted to have a fun halloween. But it was so nice to have a break from the heat. its been raining ever since and I perfer this over the heat! I am not looking forward to having the sun come again. 
yesterday we had "ward conference" and the district president came and he wanted to have an interview with us. We were pretty scared but it ended up being him giving us some counsel on what we can do here because our branch is really struggling and there is problems with our branch president and anyways it was really nice to get some counsel and also he chewed all the members out for not feeding us and giving us the love that we need. haha we will see if anything changes. 
Well not much else happened this week! I just want you all to know that I know this church is true with everything I have. Really studying from the scriptures has helped my testimony so so much. If anyone doesnt have a testimony, they need to read the scriptures. I am to the point where I can read and understand my scriptures in spanish and its great! Its been hard to not let myself read my english scriptures but its paying off because its helped me learn the language. I love the scriptures! 

Well I send lots of love all the way from Aguaray argentina! I love you all! 

hermana stewart 

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