Sunday, November 23, 2014

November 10, 2014

This week was quite an interesting one full of ups and downs last monday when pday ended we had family home evening at a members house and it was a blast. They asked me a while back what I missed back at home and i said brownies and ice cream. so guess what they made me?! yup! brownies and ice cream! It was especially nice because they dont know what brownies are here so for them to figure out how to make them was so nice! And they made us a pizza! the best part was their daughter is a returned missionary and she invited a non member and did the entire family night! we played games and talked and had a great lesson. We need more members like them here!
This week we walked so much I think my legs are going to fall off! for some reason all our investigators live really far from each other. Wednesday I literally think we walked all of Aguaray! And the worst part was we had a hard time finding anyone at home! so the work was a little slow this week. Also I have been sick with la gripe (sounds worse in spanish than in english...its just the flu) but I will be honest it was pretty tough to push myself to work hard and to leave the apartment while being so sick. But I felt that if I did my part and worked hard, the lord would bless me. Along with la gripe, something bit me on wednesday and my leg swole up like a baseball and was hard as a rock. It hurt to walk haha and yesterday it turned purple so my companion freaked out and said we had to go to the doctor because i would probably lose my leg if we didnt. So we went to the sketchy hospital here only to find out that I am allergic to bites. Great so everytime I get bit now im going to have a fat leg. But he gave me a bunch of drugs so Im happy. haha honestly its hilarious the things that i have had to pass through here but I kind of love the adventure of it all.
I realized this week that Heavenly father has been preparing me all week to hear the news of Grandpas passing. This is how. This week we found a new investigator and I think shes golden! We knocked her door one afternoon and she came out and asked us what we sell. haha We told her we had a message of Jesus Christ and she goes "listen..." right then my companion and I looked at each other because we knew she was going to say she was catholic like everyone else does. But she surprised us and said she didnt have time right then but we are welcome in her house at anytime! what!? we were in shock that someone was so nice to us! we werent able to go back for a couple of days but she lives right by us and one night we had a little bit of time before we had to be home so we stopped by. We were talking to her for a little bit outside. Before we had found her, one day we had walked past her house and saw there was a funeral going on. So this was kind of a perfect opportunity to bring it up. We started asking about her mom who had passed away. and her daughter came outside. she is 23 years old and sooo nice! we were just chatting and we were about to leave and her daughter goes " I have a question...where do we go after this life?" Um what?! no one ever just asks this question! so we gave them the plan of salvation pamphlet and answered her questions because she had alot! We still havent been able to teach a full lesson but i have faith that something is going to happen with them. But it was an opportunity to teach and testify of the plan of salvation.
Also we had lunch witha memeber and her daughter is dying of cancer but her kids and husband didnt want to tell her how serious it was. Well right when we showed up for lunch they had just got done telling her and it was horrible timing! she came out and just hugged me and cried on my shoulder for 5 minutes. But earlier that day i had studied adversity and I was able to share what I had learned with her. I found a scripture about how we cant see with our nautural eyes the plann of God and after tribulation comes the blessings. As I look back on this week I realized how heavenly father prepared me through the members and through investigators. I had shared alot of scriptures about peace and comfort with them and now they are able to help me in this extremely difficult time. I am grateful for the knowlege I have that my family can be together forever.And I know that grandma and grandpa stewart are here with me and with their other grandkids who are serving. I definately need their help here in Argentina.
With all the walking we did ad for not having taught many lessons this week we had a miracle of 7 investigators in church yesterday!! granted 5 of them are kids but still. We are working in an area that is really poor and they speak another language there. and there are so many kids! we always go there to teach a less active family but now the mom is active and brings all the kids that live around there to church. They get so excited when we come. we like to work there in Loma because we feel famous. the kids come RUNNING when they see us. and there is this little boy about 4 years old that always runs to his house to get the pamphlet that we left with his brother. haha its so cute. Tonight we have an activity planned there that Im really excited for. we made missionary plaques for all of them just like ours and we are all going to go around Loma and preach the gospel. I love their excitement and hopefully we can work with their parents so the kids can get baptized.
But that was basically my week! there is always a million things I could say and not time to say it! but know that I am doing fine here because I have the help of my savior. I know I am not alone here.
I wish I could be there with the family for the funeral, but I send my love to you all. I loved grandpa so much. But I have felt his hugs from the other side!
hope all is well back home! stay strong!
con mucho amor, hermana stewart

This is for grandpa. I wish I could be there for the funeral. I send my love!

This is my sombreo...if its a rule that I have to wear a sombreo it has to be a cute one right?

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