Sunday, June 15, 2014

To the dear people of the Argentina Salta mission:

If you only knew how many prayers have been said on your behalf these past months as I have been awaiting the arrival of my mission! 
I can't wait to meet you.
I can't wait to teach you.
I can't wait to learn from you.
I cant wait to grow with you.
I can't wait to testify to you.
I can't wait to serve you! 

I think of you 
I want you to know, that I am preparing as hard as I possibly can so that I can give you my 110%!
I'm in no way perfect, in fact I feel so inadequate, but I have the strongest desire to become the best missionary I possibly can be so that I can effectively teach through the spirit. 

I have been so blessed throughout my entire life.
My greatest blessing though has always been my knowledge of the gospel.
It is something I will always be able to hold onto, even if I had nothing else. 
I can't wait to share it with you, because its 
life changing! 
I promise you, you will never be able to be the same after hearing the message the missionaries share.
Once you come to know and gain a sure testimony of the gospel, you cant be the same....
I sure wasn't. 
And this is why I plan on doing this.....

And a whole lot of this....

I will walk and walk and walk
until my shoes look like this....

I will knock on every door,
until my hands are blistered,

So that everyone can have one of these...
(which by the way is the best book you'll ever read, so please read it :)) 

Why would I do all this? 
I know it seems crazy....
and yes, its quite a sacrifice.
People always say i'm "giving up 18 months of my life"
but that's not how I look at it...
Sure, I'm putting off going to school, dating, marriage, family, etc.
But i'm not giving them up entirely.
These next 18 months are not about me 
its all about you!!
And that's why I'm doing all this...
because I want you to have what I have.
I want you to know what I know...

I promise to do all those things,
so that you can know him...

so you can have this...

He is the reason I am coming to serve you....
I can't wait to wear his name on my name tag...

So watch out Argentina.,
This future sister missionary is coming for you. I am not going to give up. I will sweat, I will cry, I will walk, I will pray, I will do everything in my power to serve my Heavenly Father faithfully so that you can be blessed with this wonderful message! I am already praying for you, that your hearts might be opened and that you are being prepared as well. I am planning on losing myself, so I can find YOU, and most importantly, so YOU can find Christ.

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  1. Perfection! Well said. I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo proud of you (too much?? Nah) and you will be amazing. You already are! You're my best friend and always will be!