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Dec 1, 2014
Sometimes the trials are the blessings
you wouldnt believe the week that i had! Oh my! I am just loving all these adventures haha. let me just say that I am so excited to be done with my 12 week training and i have noticed a huge growth in the language this past week! I can finally understand almost everything and am starting to feel more confident in myself.
So I GOT TRANSFERED!!! This was a HUGE surprise. I was not expecting it at all. In fact I planned a surprise party for my companion with the members because i was expecting her to leave and me to stay with a new companion. Last night we were expecting to get a call around 6 or 7 from the elders and no one called us so we thought my companion was going to stay there for another transfer. But at 930 our leader called us and said that hermana bustamante was going to jujuy, and then all the sudden he said "and hermana stewart is going to guemes" I was in shock because I didnt have time to say goodbye to anyone and we only had 1 hour to pack our bags and leave. They took out the hermanas and are putting elders in our area because the branch needs priesthood.  Its interesting to me how I was so sad to leave and to say goodbye to my companion because I will admit i was in a tough area and thought i would want to leave, but I am really sad. And I have learned that sometimes the trials are the blessings. when we look back on the difficult times those and can see how much we have grown is when we realize how blessed we were. Anyways so I am now in Guemes which is really close to Salta and my companion is Hermana Despain she is from Colorado. I am living with 4 hermanas and I am really excited! I feel like I am getting out of the dark tunnel and ready to work with all my heart might mind and strength. Those first 3 months in the mission field were seriously the hardest months of my life, but I am so grateful for all the things I learned and I feel so much stronger now! I am ready to see miracles here in Guemes! I am hungry for baptisms! haha
So this past week we went to salta TWICE! Tuesday we went to finish my visa papers and it was fun because i was with some of the missionaries that I was with in the MTC all day and it was so good to see them and see the progress that we have all made. And to know that I am not the only missionary that has struggled. It was a tender mercy to be able to talk to them. We got back last wednesday night, and then friday went back because of my headaches, the presidents wife wanted me to get some tests done to make sure nothing was wrong. So we got to salta at midnight friday night and went straight to the hospital and it was an adventure! first of all, my companion had to wait outside alone, and I was with hermana chaparro all night! Now before you all worry I am fine! But it was awesome because hermana chaparro and I taught one of the night guards at the hospital! Who would have thought id be teaching with the presidents wife! it was a little intimidating, but the guy we were teaching had so many questions and was so interested! It was a neat experience to learn from hermana Chaparro as well. Well after my CT scan, I had to wait all alone in the hall with all the emergecy patients and it was like a scary movie! There was blood and everything. The hospitals are nothing like in the US haha. all the patients are put on beds in the hall for everyone to see. It was an adventure for sure! My tests all turned out to be ok so no need to worry! Afterwards we went to the presidents house and ate lunch by his pool haha their house is huge!
So wanna know something crazy I found out this week? You have to PAY to use the bathrooms here! yup! i had to pay 2 pesos to use the bathroom. You pay and the lady hands you toilet paper...well its more like sandpaper but yeah how crazy is that? Oh and its true that we cant flush toilet paper down the toilet you have to put in the garbage can next to the toilet. how great right? everything is so different here i love it haha.
So last night my companion left before me and I was left with elders until 2 in the morning and we all got on the bus together. It was the first time i was alone with elders and I felt so weird! I sat next to this elder that had the worst gas in the world! so that was a fun bus ride all night long. i didnt sleep and I am so tired! So when we got to guemes, I was the only one getting off and I had no idea what to do! So I get off the bus and get all my luggage and I am expecting my companion to be there to greet me. Well first of all, one of my contacts fell out and I couldnt see a thing! and I am all alone. there was not anyone there to meet me! I waited for 2 and a half hours and had no idea what to do. I finally walked to find a telephone to call the APs. Finally my companion showed up! Apparently they went to Salta to get me but I was here waiting. haha so yeah i was alone alot this week which is really weird as a missionary! But now, everything is all good and im safe and healthy and ready to get to know my new area!
love you all with all my heart!
hermana stewart

love you all with all my heart!
hermana stewart

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